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Aangeboden door: buryyourself
Rubriek: Kleding
Prijs: rond de 5 euro
Bij interesse stuur een PM
18 visions, Black small
Bury your dead- Blck, Small
Converge, Green Small
Danko Jones Black small
Everytime I Die Black Black Small
Juliette and the Licks Small
Fear before the march Grey of Flames, Small
Fear before the march, Pink Small
Ferret- Gun logo, Medium fit like small
Grade – Headfirst.. shirt – Navy blue shirt, white/yellow print +backprint – Adult S
Misery Signal, Black Small
Most Precious Blood- Tattoo art, Black, Small
Shutdown – ‘Few and between NYHC’ – Grey shirt, red/blue print – Small
Taken, Black Small
Warriors, Baseball logo, Black
Unearth, Baseball logo, black

Shirts Youth Sizes:
Against Me! – 2006 tour – Black shirt, pink/yellow/white – Girly M
And None of them Knew They Were Robots (UK) – Pink shirt, silver print – Youth S
Aquabats – Rolling Deep.. – Black shirt, green/white print – Youth L
Ataris – Baseball sleeve – White shirt, baby blue sleeves, blue glitter print – Girly S/M
Bane – The Note – Black shirt, orange print – Youth S
Bane – The Note – Black shirt, orange print – Youth M
Black Keys – Red shirt, green/black design, Youth M
Braid – from Get up kids euro tour – green shirt, yellow print – Youth M
Brothers Keeper – Black shirt, red/white print +backprint – Adult S
Crowbar – Black shirt, white print - Girly/Youth M
Deathwish records – Logo shirt – Black shirt, white print +sleeveprint – Youth M
Dillinger Escape Plan – circa 2003 – Black shirt, green/white print – Youth M
Fear My Thoughts – Hell Sweet Hell – Black shirt, purple/white print – Girly L
Good Clean Fun – ‘putting the ha! Back into hardcore’ – Burgundy shirt, grey/white print, Youth L
Grade – (from euro tour with As Friends Rust – pre-Victory design) Orange shirt, white/silver print +back print – Youth M
Grade – logo spaghetti strap vest – White vest, black print, Girly S
Last Days of April – (from Sensefield euro tour) – Yellow shirt, black/pink print – Youth S/M
Mastodon – rare logo spaghetti strap vest – Red vest, black/white print – Girly M
Minus the Bear – Unicorn design at bottom – Black shirt, white/blue print – Youth L
On the Might of Princes – Black shirt, white/grey print, Revelation yellow logo on back – Youth L
Open Hand – The Dream – Black shirt, red/yellow/white print +Trustkill backprint – Girly M (American Apparel shirt)
Peter Pan Speedrock – Tattoo butterfly design – Red shirt, black/white print – Girly M/L
Ramones – ‘Wanted’ design – Pink shirt, black/white print – Girly S
Razor Crusade – Grey shirt, black/white print, Youth S
Saves The Day – Yellow shirt, black print, Youth M GERESERVEERD
Shelter – Krishna logo shirt – Navy blue, red/yellow print – Girly S +low neck(UK size 10-12)
Sick of It All – Built to Last tour shirt – Black shirt, yellow/white/grey print, V-neck, white trim on sleeves, +back print – Adult S
Sick of It All – Iron cross design – Black shirt, red/white/grey print – Girly M
Silent Drive – Black shirt, red/orange/brown print +sleeve print – Youth S
Since By Man – pink wings design – Black shirt, pink print – Youth S
Since By Man – We sing the body electric – Black shirt, blue/white print, blue Revelation logo on back – Youth L
Since By Man/Paint the Town Red – Tour shirt for the tour that didn’t happen!! Black shirt, red/white print – Youth S
Steel Rules Die (their 1st shirt I think..) – Navy blue shirt, yellow print – Youth S
The Anniversary – ‘drink smoke fight’ – Red shirt, black print, Youth M
The Anniversary – Baby blue shirt, silver/navy print – Youth L
Thirty-Two Frames – Black shirt, red/orange print, orange Revelation logo on back – Youth L
Turbonegro – Turbojugend Vice President – white/silver print, Girly M
Vision – (from Evilfest, London 1999) – Black shirt, white print – Girly S +low neck (UK size 10-12)
Will Haven – 2006 tour – Baby blue shirt, red/white print, Girly M
With Honor – Black shirt, white/red print – Youth M

Zipper Hoodie
Alkaline Trio Black, skull hard Skull
Misery Signals Black Small
Nora, Navy Blue Small
To Die For Black Small
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