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Black spot Sneaker 100% vegan
Aangeboden door: casualtyjuul
Rubriek: Kleding
Extra info: www.blackspotshoes.org
Prijs: 30e incl.
black spot sneaker, amper op gelopen.

Enter the world\'s first global anti-brand: the Blackspot sneaker. A shoe and a message and a vision of the future. Adbusters has produced an environmentally friendly sneaker that\'s a bold statement against sweatshop labor. Their anti-corporate campaign is a bottom up enterprise that prioritizes ethical consumerism and grassroots empowerment. Join adbusters in this quest to create an authentic, non-corporate cool and reassert consumer sovereignty over capitalism. The Blackspot is an alternative to the commercial, pseudo \'culture\' of the mega corporations. Nike has always been the champion of logo culture, its swoosh an icon of global cool. Despite this, Phil Knight flies the flag of a fading empire. His swoosh has been hurt by years of \"brand damage\" as activists fought against his mega marketing and dirty sweatshop labor.

100% vegan, bio hemp textile, biodegredable sole, 100% fairtrade. inclusive one share + one vote in the blackspot anticorporation.

more info: www.blackspotsneaker.org

prijs: 30 euro incl verzendkosten, bij afhalen (utrecht) 25 euro
maat: 43
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