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Personal riot 


It was a obvious from the start, I was a punk rocker

With boots and leather jacket A riot from the start

This is my show my rules my riot and it’s coming down

Coming down tonight on this show. 

Hospitals that can’t even tell you jack shit,

Schools that spit you out like you never even tried,

People that drop you like they never even cared,

It makes me angry against them all, 


Everything’s turning black in front of my eyes,

Black from anger at all this shit that’s coming down,

Sometimes I need this personal riot coming out,

At a good gig of a good band who care, 


A suicide job from 9 to 5 same shit every day

A boss yelling in your ear you have to work harder

For minimum wage in a job that stinks harder

Than you at the end of the day 




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