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Bruja fest 2 w/ blok 1a / terror defence / kugra / gfr / gas / rot'ndamned / throwing bricks / inwar
zaterdag, 29-03-2014 21:30 - 06:00
Bruja Fest Festival terrein, Schiedam
Informatie Bands (6) Wie gingen er (4) Recensies (0)
Gratis festival, breng je eigen bier mee.

This edition is an all DIY, non-profit fest. The entrance is free and you can bring your own booze with you. Its just 5 minutes away from the highway and 5minutes walking from the trainstation so no excuse for not coming.

INWAR (Barendrecht Powerviolence)
First show of these guys be sure to check them out!

Rott'nDamned (Hardcore Punk)
Hardcore/punk from the area Rotterdam

GAS (Punk)
Straight forward punk in your face

Kugra (Crust)
VPU crust whats else needs to be said?

BLOK 1A (Hardcore/Streetpunk)
Reunited and there first show in ages!

GEWOON FUCKING RAGGEN (Hardcore Punk/ Powerviolence)
As host of this show we're also playing to get your feet off the floor!

Terror Defence (D-beat/Crust)
More VPU madness!!

Throwing Bricks (Hardcore/Screamo/Slugde)
Chaos from cheese city!

Jan van Riebeeckweg 15 Schiedam.

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