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Good Riddance

Naam : Good Riddance
Genre : Punk
Land : Amerika
Website : http://www.good-riddance.com


Good Riddance
Capricorn One

Good Riddance
Remain In Memory - The Final Show
Fat Wreck Chords
Good Riddance
My Republic
Fat wreck
Good Riddance
Bound By Ties Of Blood And Affection
Fat wreck chords
Good Riddance
Symptons of a Leveling Spirit
Fat Wreck Chords
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GOOD RIDDANCE from the beginning…

1986 Russ-vocals, Rob Land-guitar ,John Burnett-bass, Rich McDermott-drums

Russ agrees to sing for the fledgling band. They play mostly Sex Pistols covers. Russ suggests the name "Good Riddance," it sticks. The three musicians were formerly known as "B.O.S.P."(Bunch of Skate Punks) and "Union Carbide." The band performs for the first time at a squat house party in Santa Cruz around Christmas time.

1987 Jason Fitzmaurice fills in on vocals at a party while Russ is out of town. The only performance without him to date. Jason later filled in on bass (one show) and played second guitar for a short time in 1988.

1988 Rich and John move to Lake Tahoe to work at a resort and snowboard. The band, having committed to some shows (including a San Jose date, the band's first outside Santa Cruz), recruits drummer Jade Dylan and, from thrash band "Rude Awakening," Luke Pabich and Ken Frank on second guitar and bass respectively.

1989 Rich plays the last show of his first stint in the band in June at the Watsonville vets hall.
Rob breaks his wrist skateboarding at Derby park. Luke fills in on guitar and Jade plays drums for the remainder of the summer.

1990 Andrew Jackson joins full time on drums. "Rude Awakening" breaks up and, on new years eve, Luke asks to join permanently on second guitar. With a stable line up, the band writes a slew of original material and records it's first "demo" tape.

1991 Citing musical differences and apparent lack of interest, John is asked to leave the band. He is replaced by Devin Quinn. For similar reasons, Russ and Luke ask both Rob and Andrew to leave the band. They are replaced by Brian Gilliam(2nd guitar) and Jade Dylan(drums) from the now defunct "Vicious Midgets." Jade quits the band abruptly in the fall and things come to a sudden halt.

1991-93 Lack of percussionist puts G.R. on hiatus. Russ and Luke start a new band called "State of Grace" with Russ on bass, Luke and Rick Adams(ex-Rude Awakening) on guitars, Chris Henderson on drums and ex-Rude Awakening vocalist Will Keene. The band records a "demo," completes two mini-tours, and breaks up. Brian Gilliam finished out with band replacing a disinterested Rick Adams. Luke and Russ continue to actively seek a drummer and write G.R. material throughout this period.

1993 Original drummer Rich McDermott is coaxed out of retirement and G.R. goes back to work. A New "demo" is recorded. It's called "Loaded for Bear" and the band sells many copies at local stores and through a mail order ad in Maximum Rocknroll. Reviews are positive and a small label out of Austin,TX called Little Deputy records releases the "Gidget" 7"-the bands first vinyl release. Devin is replaced on bass by Tom Kennedy of now defunct "Backwash." G.R. does it's first touring going north to Seattle and east to Houston. Russ and Tom join a new band with two of Tom's ex-Backwash bandmates (Rye Crowen-guitar and Aaron Sonnenshein-drums) and Joe Clements (ex-Schlep!) on vocals. Tom plays bass and Russ plays second guitar. The group finally settles on "Fury 66" as a name.

1994 Aaron quits "Fury 66" so Rich fills in on drums. The two bands now share three members.Tom quits G.R. to concentrate on "Fury 66" and is replaced by Chuck Platt (ex-Basic Math and Self-Infliction). G.R. begins "negotiating" with up and coming indie label FAT records.
In the fall the band records "Decoy," a 7" and their first FAT release. Later they go into the
Studio with engineer/producer Ryan Greene and record "For God & Country," their first full
Length album. FAT releases it in January of '95.

1995 Rich quits after G.R.'s first U.S. tour in the summer. Tony Palermo (Ten Foot Pole) fills in on a follow up tour of the U.S. and Canada. The search begins for a new drummer, ending in the fall With Sean Sellers joining just in time for a co-headlining European tour with label mates "Tilt."

1996 The band records and releases "A Comprehensive Guide to Moderne Rebellion" and follows it up with tours supporting "Down by Law" in north America and "NOFX" in Europe as well as their own headlining tour.

1997 Headlining tours of Europe and north America as well as the bands first Japanese dates supporting label mates "Hi-Standard." Writing begins for "Ballads from the Revolution," the bands third full length release (and last collaboration with Ryan Greene).

1998 FAT releases "Ballads…" in the spring and the band tours with Sick of it All (New Zealand & Australia) and A.F.I. (Europe and north America).

1999 The band decides on a change and, for "Operation Phoenix", their fourth full length album, they go to the Blasting Room in Fort Collins,CO. With the guidance of producers Bill
Stevenson and Stephen Egerton the band emerge with their fiercest work to date. Sean
Marries his girlfriend Olivia, moves to Los Angeles and quits the band following an October
Tour of western Canada.

2000 Dave Raun of "Lagwagon" fills in on drums throughout the spring and summer while the band searches for a permanent replacement. G.R. co-headlines the FAT records tour with "No Use for A Name," supports "NOFX" on the Deconstuction tour in Europe and plays the main stage on The Warped Tour. Another trip to the Blasting Room produces the bands first ep "The
Phenomenon of Craving." The band also shoot their first video for the song "One For the Braves." Chuck marries long time girlfiend Vanessa in August.

2000-01 David Wagenschutz, former Kid Dynamite/Lifetime drummer joins in the fall of 2000. For the first time the band is forced to operate without everyone living in Santa Cruz. A fall tour of western Canada is followed by a lengthy and intensive writing period. In the spring the band returned to the Blasting Room and recorded "Symptoms of a Leveling Spirit," their fifth full length album. Set for release July 10th, the album is already supported by a video for "Yesterday's Headlines." Fresh out of the studio they Headlined the Eastern portion of the SnoJam Tour with good friends "Sick Of It All" supporting. FAT has just released "Exposed! 1994-1999," a Behind the scenes "Good Riddance" home video. The band is set to tour throughout the late summer and fall. David will marry in November. Luke is living "common law" with his girlfriend Kathy Heuser.

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