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Hard Resistance

Naam : Hard Resistance
Genre : Hardcore
Land : BelgiŽ
Website : http://www.hardresistance.be/
Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/hardresistance...


Hard Resistance
Lawless and Disorder
Strength Records
Hard Resistance
It's all around

Hard Resistance
We own the streets

Hard Resistance

Hard Resistance
Want a man dead


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Hard Resistance - Lawless and Disorder 27-10-12 / Album review / 6 reactie(s)

The story of Hard Resistance began way back in 1994. After performing numerous live shows they recorded a 4-track demotape wich got soon picked up by one of the most important European hardcore labels based in Germany "Lost & Found Records". By that time the hardcore scene was mainly dominated by U.S. bands, and hardcore fans all over Europe welcomed Hard Resistance' new and different style.

After heavy touring all over Europe, Hard Resistance released their debut album "It's All Around''. This classic album was to become an influence for many new bands for the years to come... ..It's safe to say a legend was born!!!

After 6 more years of intense recording & touring together with bands as: Discipline, Backfire!, Tech-9, Merauder, Sick Of It All, 25 Ta Life and many many more, the band decided to stop their musical activities in feb. 2002. They played one last legendary show near their home town were 8 years before the madness began... R.I.P.

Ever since Hard Resistance decided to no longer exist, fans from all parts of Europe were hoping on a reunion. 6 years after the break up the band decides to give you what you want and start up the engine one last time.

Starting from september 2008 to the whole of 2009, Hard Resistance will be touring one more but final time in the orginal line up!!! Keep your eyes and ears open for more information and we hope to see you all again soon- Slammin', Kickin ', Moshin', as in the early days!!! 'Till then stay healthy and see you soon.

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