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Smash The Statues

Naam : Smash The Statues
Genre : Hardcore-Punk
Land : Nederland
Website : http://www.smashthestatues.net


Smash The Statues
Rise to the Occasion
No Reason/ Funtime Records/ White Russian/ Laserli
Smash The Statues
When Fear Is All Around Us
Shield recordings
Smash The Statues
Smash the statues
Smash the statues
Smash The Statues
Against The Stream

Angry Youth Records


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Smash The Statues started in 2003, playing hardcorepunk in the vein of Good Riddance, Strike Anywhere, I Spy and Propagandhi. September 2003 they released their demo, containing four raw hardcorepunk songs. This demo was well recieved in magazines and e-zines. With this demo, many shows were played and at the end of 2004, new tracks for a full length were written. These songs were recorded in Die Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg, Germany. February 2006 the first Smash The Statues full length called Against The Stream was born, released by Angry Youth Records. The new record contains 12 tracks and was followed by lots of shows. Smash The Statues played shows with Against All Authority, Modern Life Is War, Leftöver Crack, Seein Red, G.A.S. Drummers and Belvedere.
If you want Smash The Statues to play your venue, don't hesitate to get in contact by sending a message or mail to smashthestatues@hotmail.com

Tom: vocals, guitar
Matthias: guitar, vocals
Nico: bass, vocals
Bert: drums

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