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Antillectual - Mother Inferior

14-12-12 03:04:00 / door trilob / bron: youtube / band: Antillectual

 Music Video for Antillectual's "Mother Inferior". 
Taken from the Future History EP, 2012:http://www.antillectual.com/catalog/future-history-ep/ 
Shield Recordings, No Reason Records, Destiny Records, Angry Chuck Records

Filmed by Noam (http://www.thisroutineishell.com) and Dirk (http://www.trilob.nl) at DBs Utrecht during the Future History release party. Edited by Antillectual


Mother married the minister, she got divorced because of the abuse 
Sold her body to the businessman, as before, the kids got bruised 

Mother's task, to look after us, disregarded by her taste in men 
Best for all would be to stress: please, be a single mom again 

We, the kids, file for divorce 
We, the kids, had it with these conflicts of interest 
Keep in mind the welfare of us all 
Keep your eyes focused on the ball

Liner notes:

Since the 19th century the separation of church and state has gained ground. Well, kind of. Governments are supposed to be autonomous in their actions, independent of whatever external institution and only represent the people that give them sovereignty. 
Since the 1990s however, governments seem to have lost their autonomy and have become more and more intertwined with and dependent of economic forces. No longer the church, nor The People are the ones pulling the strings. CEOs, lobbyists and the fear for economic despair seem to be in charge. Instead of becoming a modern, independent, single mom, our governments have sold themselves to the highest bidder, without taking their kids' interest at heart.



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