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Smash the Statues - Final Show

23-01-12 10:55:00 / door trilob / bron: vimeo / band: Smash The Statues / concert: 23-01-10 - Smash The Statues laatste show en Yvo's laatste show! - de onderbroek - nijmegen

Smash the Statues - Final Show

Today it is exactly 2 years ago since we played our last show. That last show got recorded and today we finally 'release' the online video. If you couldn't make it 2 years ago or just want to relive old memories, check out the video Dirk Trilob made.
Other 'news': back in 2007 and 2008 we recorded 2 cover songs. One by Minor Threat, one by I-Spy. Check those out on http://smashthestatues.bandcamp.com/
Hope you'll enjoy!


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Video link: http://vimeo.com/34964920
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