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Shelter - Eternal

26-05-06 21:15:40 / door davidpoison / band: Shelter / album: Shelter - Eternal (2006)

Shelter - Eternal

Ray Cappo's back with a new shelter album...what can we expect? Well...Goodlife recordings is releasing this cd and that's a small surprise...didn't expect a band like Shelter to sign with a label like Goodlife.

Anyways, 'Eternal' is a typical Shelter album, it combines the musical elements of the last three albums and Cappo still is one of hardcore's best-ever frontmen. The guy can actually sing. A song like 'Build to resist' really got me thinking back of that legendary 'Mantra' milestone while 'My chance to live' has that killer riffage and songwriting that made 'When 20 summers pass' the masterpiece that it was. Other Highlights are 'Back to Vrindavan', a slow one with beautiful female backing vox and 'Lotus-like', 100% cappo material.

But... there's definitely some fillers on the albums like 'Amend' and 'Return to Eden'. Oh yeah there's a remake of the classic 'in defense of reality' as well. Production-wise 'Eternal' is a step back for Shelter. I think they could've done a whole lot better, especially on the guitarsound and the backing vocals (except for 'Back to Vrindavan' that is).

There's lot's of talk and bullshit on the net about mr. Cappo, but you gotta give the man credit for what he did and still does for the hardcore scene. It's easy to talk shit, this is a man who's been around the block and gave us Violent Children, Youth of today, Shelter and Better than a thousand. I got nothing but respect for the man.

Score: 82/100

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