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Cenobites - Snakepit Vibrations

15-05-06 08:16:42 / door davidpoison / band: Cenobites / album: Cenobites - Snakepit Vibrations (2005)

Cenobites - Snakepit Vibrations

We have some catching up to do as far as punkrock, psychobilly, garage and rock 'n roll is concerned.

No better way to start with Rotterdam's own Cenobites.

Their second full-cd is called 'Snakepit vibrations' and is out for some time now.

First of all this abum should appeal to a lot of different scenes because of it's huge diversity.

There's punk, psychobilly, metal and hardcore influences on this one, so a little something for everybody.

Cenobites is getting bigger and bigger in the Benelux and this album is the best thing they could've done at this point. Drunkabilly records has a strong belief in the band and both parties should be really proud of the result!


‘Thumbscrew’, ‘hate’ and especially ‘sharkbait’ are aggressive mothefuckers while ‘Bad Habit’ tends to get more melodic because of the combination of vocals. One of the best songs is definitely ‘chemical good mood’, I really like the horror atmosphere on that one. But the biggest surprise on this cd is the ‘White Zombie’ cover ‘Supercharger heaven’. Sounds as good as the original and talk about being original!

I enjoyed ‘Hellschool’ as well because of the use of the samples in the bridge…creepy!


The production is superb and it’s hard to find flaws.

It's about time these guys get some international recognition. 'Snakepit vibrations' is a killer album and makes Cenobites the best band of the Benelux in their genre!

Score: 82/100

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Gepost door: marnix Gepost: 25-05-06 00:16:08
yo David! kunnen ze hier niet gewoon linkjes krijgen naar asice of hoe zit dat?!?!!
Gepost door: davidpoison Gepost: 26-05-06 13:13:28
Asice is over and out...

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