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Slumlords - On The Stremph!

15-05-06 08:13:58 / door davidpoison / band: Slumlords / album: Slumlords - On The Stremph! (2006)

Slumlords - On The Stremph!

Amazing how one man’s history can get your new band on the hippest old-school label around ‘Lockin out records’. I’m talking about Slumlords frontman ‘Jeff Perlin’, former leadsinger of NYHC veterans Breakdown.

Their selftitled debut in 2004 on I-Scream records was a cool mix of old-school hardcore with some streetpunk/oi thrown in there.

To make it short: ‘On the stremph!’ is way much better than the debut.

There’s something about this album that makes we want to spin it over and over again…is it nostalgia to better ‘hardcore’ days? Perhaps…

The Baltimore Eviction crew really have that ‘No redeeming social value’ twist to their lyrics that makes it so damn funny! Just listen to ‘Involuntary skinhead’, ‘Beer goggles’, ‘Heavy metal god (that lives on my block)’ and I’m sure a big smile will appear…

Other songs like ‘Kids on retalin’, ‘Digging in the corners’ and especially ‘Resilient’ are trips down memory lane to a time where hardcore was hardcore and you felt cool for being it.

A big thumbs up for the artwork as well, awesome!

‘On the stremph!’ is a cd that was made out of love for this kind of music and with one message in mind: ‘Don’t take life that serious’.

Score: 90/100

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