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Tommy Gutless - Death, Honor, or Glory Bound

15-05-06 08:10:58 / door davidpoison / band: Tommy Gutless / album: Tommy Gutless - Death, Honor, or Glory Bound (2006)

Tommy Gutless - Death, Honor, or Glory Bound

There must be at least a million streetpunk bands out there. What makes Tommy Gutless stand out from the rest of the bunch? Well, they write solid, catchy songs and they have an amazing singer! This guy can actually sing! Hailing from the ‘Iron city’ streets of Pittsburgh, USA this band delivers the goods like no other (street)punk band does at this moment.

I remember some years ago hearing a couple of songs on tape and I was really impressed. You know, there’s something really cool about this band, is it the band name? Perhaps their Sound?

Anyways, Their first full-length ‘Death, honor or glorybound’ is out now on Street Anthem Records and you should order it RIGHT NOW!

The first track ‘Rise again’ will hit your system hard and you’ll be singing the chorus all the time…I know I am.. Other cool tracks are ‘Working class dream’, ‘Anthems for revolution’, ’54, 40 or fight’ and the title track. Some of them are available to download on their myspace page. (www.myspace.com/tommygutless). The only song that doesn’t fit the label ‘amazing’ is ‘Rock ‘n roll (for the thugs)’. They would’ve scored higher without that one.

They also honour the legendary Johnny Cash by covering his ‘Sunday morning’ in a superb way. If you’re looking for influences I’d say mix up Boston street punk a la early Dropkick Murphy’s, Ducky Boys, Far from finished, etc… with more melodic street punk like Ann Beretta or US Bombs. Vocalist Bryan has the coolest voice I’ve heard in a long, long time and puts Tommy Gutless on top of their league! To compete with the best of the best, next time they need to visit a bigger studio, get a huge sound and write more songs like the ones I mentioned above. That’s really all it’s gonna take because this is one hell of a debut album!!!

Tommy Gutless rules!

Score: 90/100

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