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Ignite - Our Darkest Days

15-05-06 08:08:07 / door davidpoison / band: Ignite / album: Ignite - Our Darkest Days (2006)

Ignite - Our Darkest Days

The big question was…can the band top ‘A place called home’?

The 2000 record was a milestone in melodic hardcore and still remains unmatched.

And now…six long years later Ignite returns with ‘Our darkest days’.

You know what… the thing that nobody, including me, was expecting just happened.

Ignite bursts out 14 songs that are simply the best melodic hardcore tunes I’ve ever heard.

No fillers, all songs got me singing along immediately and got me goosebumps once again.

Zolli is the best singer in the whole hardcore scene and the crucial kids that are still swearing to ignite’s first album are so damn ignorant and plain stupid.

Mid-tempo hardcore with beautiful choruses is what you want and the band delivers…

‘Slowdown’, ‘Let it burn’, ‘Save yourself’, ‘Bleeding’ are incredible and top the best songs on ‘A place called home’ easily. Critics yelling the band chooses the commercial path are dismissed with ‘strength’ and ‘know your history’. Two old-school songs that got me thinking of the ‘88 stuff and great bands like Uniform Choice etc..

Ignite took the liberty to re-record the ‘California united’ song ‘Fear is our tradition’, again one of the highlights of ‘Our darkest days’.

U2’s ‘Sunday bloody sunday’ has been a part of the band’s live set for years and finally found it’s way to a record. Maybe making this cover the first single would be a smart move commercially so I’m kinda curious what they’ll come up with. The acoustic ‘Live for better days’ ends this piece of hardcore art on a beautiful note.

One of the best records I’ve ever heard. I’m dazzled…


Score: 98/100

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