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Kings Of Nuthin' - Punk Rock Rhythm & Blues

17-03-06 23:18:13 / door davidpoison / band: Kings Of Nuthin' / album: Kings Of Nuthin' - Punk Rock Rhythm & Blues (2006)

Kings Of Nuthin' - Punk Rock Rhythm & Blues

For some years now, Boston’s ‘The kings of nuthin’ have toured all over the world spreading their infectious sound…a mix of old-school punk, ska, rockabilly and oi.

Original? Hell yeah! People like you records gave this 9-piece (!!) band a chance to have a proper production and signed them. This album ‘Punk rock rhythm & blues’ is a mix of new songs and covers. Some of them are rockabilly classics like ‘Women and Cadillac’s’, some of ‘em are straight up punk classics like Stiff little fingers’ ‘Here we are, nowhere’ (big thumbs up for that choice!), ‘Nation on fire’ by Blitz (hmm.. not that original, but cool to hear their make-over of this particular one) and ‘For you’ by Anti-Nowhere league (recently done by Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards).

The kings have been compared to that other Boston based legend ‘The mighty might Bosstones’ on numerous occasions and yes, they sound alike. Only thing, The Bosstones were brilliant and had Dicky Barret as a leadsinger. I their favour The Kings of nuthin’ are definitely more punk and oi minded and they haven’t got that ska thing going, which I’m particularly happy about.

Hearing them on cd is one thing, you gotta go see ‘em live, that’s where their true strength lies. A band that is definitely worth checking out if you’re into any kind of punkrock. I believe these guys are gonna get bigger and bigger. I think the best has yet to come!

Score: 75/100

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