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Various Artists - Bound for the Bar

01-03-06 23:14:56 / door davidpoison / band: Various Artists / album: Various Artists - Bound for the Bar (2006)

Various Artists - Bound for the Bar

I used to fuck people like you in prison (or 'People like you') records, 'the' coolest label in Europe as far as punk/rock 'n roll is concerned has worked itself up to the biggest and most respected record label in this kinda music. PLY started out as a division of Century Media. Owners André and Tobbe are both crazy about this music so they're only signing bands they both like. This compilation is meant to give you an idea what bands they are pushing in 2006.


From psychobilly kings 'Mad Sin' and 'Demented are go' to Swedish rockers 'The Bones’ to the UK's own female fronted streetpunk band 'Deadline'. It's all featured on this comp.

'The kings of nuthin'', one of PLY's newest additions are covering 'Peter and the test tube babies'' 'Banned from the pubs' (changed the pubs to bars). New talent like 'Heartbreak engines' and 'District' (now ‘2nd District’, Tobbe's band/ ex-members of The Revolvers) are just great while 'The Black Halos' (imagine The Heartbreakers playing Mötley Crüe's 'too fast for love' with Duane Peters singing) has the second best song on this album:  '3 sheets to the wind'. Hell, even Roger Miret and his disasters have a song on there, although they're no PLY band.

‘Blood Junkies’, ‘Brain failure’ and the awesome ‘Angel city outcasts’ complete the ‘Bound for the bar’ Vol. 1 comp.

On a personal level, my favourite bands on the label's roster are 'The Generators' and 'The Bones',  without any doubt…


PLY rules! Sweet Compilation!

Demented Are Go! - Hellbilly storm >>


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