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Vain - On the line

06-04-06 23:05:25 / door davidpoison / band: Vain / album: Vain - On the line (2006)

Vain - On the line

Let me start of by ordering you, yes commanding you to buy Vain’s ‘No Respect’ album.

One of the best glam records ever and an all-time classic. The mix of rock ‘n roll, hardrock and punk is incredible and unmatched!

Davy Vain’s vocals are as recognisable as an orgy in Mötley crüe’s dressing room.

Needless to say I was dying to hear their comeback album ‘On the line’.

Don’t expect the genius songs ‘No Respect’ had, don’t except all-time classics like ‘Beat the bullet’, ‘1000 Degrees’ or ‘Who’s watching you’ and matching razorsharp riffs. Nope, They decided to get rid of the metallic edge and inject their sound with some serious rockin’ guitarwork and a seventies psychedelic influence. Davy’s voice hasn’t changed a bit and still gives me goosebumps. Fuck, that man is a legend. Ok, this album has a serious 80’s vibe to it and maybe nobody’s gives a damn about glam anymore, but as long as bands like Vain are around the high-heels and eyeliner are still legal. The beat slowed down, the boys aged, the make up makes ‘m look like my grandmother doing some serious dating, but I’m listening in awe to this piece of art. Whether it ‘d be rockers like ‘Lie for love’, ‘Running on empty’ and ‘Slave‘ or a slow-paced, dreamy tune like ‘Turn to sand’, I’m sold…

If you want the instant bomb, the nuke, than get your hands on ‘No Respect’, if you have some time left to really ‘listen’ to an album and let it grow, than by all means buy ‘On the line’. It’s 2006, I really hope Vain manages…

Score: 80/100

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