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Reno Divorce - Naysayers and yesmen/Laugh now, cry later

06-04-06 22:45:37 / door davidpoison / band: Reno Divorce / album: Reno Divorce - Naysayers and yesmen/Laugh now, cry later (2006)

Reno Divorce - Naysayers and yesmen/Laugh now, cry later

Ok, let’s get one thing straight here, if you’re into Social Distortion I’m ORDERING you to check out Reno Divorce. They’ve been accused of being a SD copycat on many occasions but I strongly disagree!

Sure, Brent’s voice sounds almost identical to Mike’s but musically Reno Divorce is more punkrock minded where as Social D. uses more rock ‘n roll in their sound.

It’s kinda hard to be objective on this one since Reno Divorce, along with Dead 50’s (RIP), is my favourite US band at this moment.

The boys switched from Boss Tuneage to Street Anthem records because they lacked decent promotion and publicity and on top of that SAR gave them the chance to re-release their amazing debut ‘Naysayers and yesmen’ and their latest ep ‘Laugh now, cry later’ on one disc with a couple of extra’s. Those extra’s include their version of Johnny Cash’s ‘Guess things happen that way’(also featured on ‘The underground tribute to the man in black’ and best song on that comp if I might add) and ‘Behind closed doors’, a teaser for the upcoming Sweet Poison vs. Reno Divorce split-cd (Jesus Christ, that album is gonna fuck you up!!).

Lyrically the Denver based band switches from strong political opinions to stories of heartbreak and pain. If you’re into old Social Distortion, Welt, Automatic 7, Agent Orange or even Bad Religion you should be running to your cd-store to order this record pronto!

And while you’re spending… don’t forget their second full-length ‘You’re only making it worse’ either cuz it’s as brilliant as their debut.

It’s a damn shame this band isn’t bigger, great musicians, a kick-ass live-act and unbelievable albums. Get this album, get all their albums, Reno Divorce is the best punkband from the US.

Score: 100/100

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