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Razorblade - S/T

14-04-06 22:18:12 / door davidpoison / band: Razorblade / album: Razorblade - S/T (2006)

Razorblade - S/T

You gotta have respect and give Wouter credit for the work he does for the punk and oi community.

Running a label like Rebellion records in combination with your own band is difficult and takes a lot of a person's time and patience.

The man must be a workaholic, this is Razorblade's third full-length and definitely their best one.

I'm not the world's biggest fan of brutal, straight to the point and no-nonsense oi, but I gotta admit I was surpised how cool this band sounds. Simple, honest and a big fuck you attitude!

I was reading the Dutch lyrics without the background music and I gotta say it sounded corny and a little hilarious at first. But once I heard the matching music and the lethal aggression it spreads, it just fits like a glove.

'Razorblade' (Cool 'metal' break!), 'Hard als staal!' and 'Trots en vrij' sound classic yet original.

Wouters' voice reminds me a lot of Sheer Terror's Paul Bearer and you can take that as compliment, Paul's thé man! I'm really glad Razorblade took the time for a decent production because that's what most of the old-styled oi bands lack. 'Put in the boot' is one hell of a statement, the chorus got me thinking of (again)Sheer Terror's 'Just can't hate enough'. About to become a skinhead anthem, mark my words!

 'Having a laugh' and 'No.1 Hit Machine' are only backing my words that this is a great album.

It has come to my understanding that Razorblade rarely plays shows and that's a pitty. I'm sure decent touring would increase their fanbase. But on the other hand, keeping that mystery about the band makes it more and more cult. Pick it up if you like your stuff raw, aggressive, to the point and  honest!

Score: 80/100

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