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Psychopunch VST - Kamikaze love reducer

06-04-06 22:07:23 / door davidpoison / band: Psychopunch VST / album: Psychopunch VST - Kamikaze love reducer (2006)

Psychopunch VST - Kamikaze love reducer

Sweden delivers once again…. Backyard babies, The Bones, Hardcore superstar, The Hellacopters etc…Psychopunch VST can easily be added to the list.

Punk ‘n roll with gritty vocals (and a cute Swedish accent), cool guitarriffs and ditto attitude.

The boys had to change their name and added VST (Västeras, their hometown).

On more than one occasion this band has been compared to Backyard babies, and yup, there sure are some similarities but ‘Kamikaze love reducer’ definitely has it’s own face.

The overall tempo is higher, the solo’s are different, the sound more melodramatic.

The mix of punkrock and rock ‘n roll isn’t new, this however kicks some serious hiney. ‘Overrated’ (one of the best songs I’ve heard this year!), ‘Everlasting’, ‘Two empty hands’, ‘Someone like you’ and ‘Comin’ right through’ are Swedish diamonds. Hell, there’s even a folky rock tune ‘The black river song’ (an ode to Guinness?) on this disc.

Yours truly pleads guilty, this is my favourite kinda music…I could make this review a page long ode to honest pure rock ‘n roll and easily seduce you to buy this, I’m not about to.

My favourite bands are the ones I’m keeping to myself…self-centred isn’t it?

But then again…I’m reviewing this one, so where’s the secret…oh well… ‘Kamikaze love reducer’ is a must-have!



Score: 90/100

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