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Hardcore superstar - Hardcore Superstar

21-03-06 22:00:23 / door davidpoison / band: Hardcore superstar / album: Hardcore superstar - Hardcore Superstar (2006)

Hardcore superstar - Hardcore Superstar

Megastars in Gothenburg and the whole of their beloved Sweden but the world refuses to follow… that about sums it up for Hardcore Superstar.

Their debut ‘Bad sneakers and a pina colada’ is a killer glam/punk album and got the band on some huge stages in the world. Opening for AC/DC and Motörhead among others brought them their share of success in the glam/rock scene.

Their follow-up ‘Thank you for letting us be ourselves’ sounded totally different (softer/slower) and was focused on the band’s rock roots.

Their last album ‘No regrets’ was a cool mix of both previous cd’s and was an ode to simple effective rock ‘n roll with lot’s of glam (hardrock) elements.

Needless to say I was kinda curious what the boys were up to with this new record simply called ‘Hardcore Superstar’. Again, they managed to surprise me with a totally different sound/production. Everything sounds really heavy and extremely well-produced and the entire album is a return to their original glam sound.

Singer Jocke still blows everybody of stage with his high pierced voice that sounds like a mix of Vince Neil and Liam Gallagher. Silver’s leads are amazing and basically this is the best song writing I’ve heard from the band so far. Hardcore Superstar is being compared to Stockholm’s Backyard Babies and vice versa all of the time, and there seems to be a big fuss about who’s the biggest band and well, who sells the most records. I love both of ‘em, hard to make a choice, BB is definitely more punkrock minded while HCS mainly focuses on hardrock/glam.

If Mötley Crüe, Faster Pussycat, Vain, Backyard babies, old-Aerosmith and glam punk is your cup of tea I’d suggest you check out Hardcore Superstar immediately.

Dunno if this record is gonna tear down any walls (I do hope so…), cuz let’s face it, this is not the most popular music in the new millennium. I’m lovin’ it big time and I’m sure anthems like ‘Bag on your head’, ‘Kick on the upperclass’, the first single ‘Wild boys’ and ‘We don’t celebrate Sundays’ are gonna drive rockers (with or without make-up) to a state of delirium around the globe! But it’s ‘Cry your eyes out’, ‘Hateful’ (what a screamer!!), the semi- acoustic ‘standin’ on the verge’ and ‘She’s offbeat’ that are taking this album to an extremely high level.

Forget about the new Guns ‘n roses album, this is the shit you need to get!


Score: 97/100

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