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Shock Nagasaki - Year of the spy

14-04-06 21:51:17 / door davidpoison / band: Shock Nagasaki / album: Shock Nagasaki - Year of the spy (2006)

Shock Nagasaki - Year of the spy

When I first heard the bandname and saw the members I immediately went: Fuck yeah! Rebellion's releasing glampunk! Glancing at the artwork I began expecting Hanoi rocks and Johnny Thunders influences…

Conclusion after hearing the 12 songs… glam? Nope, sure you can dye you hear, use some eyeliner, fit yourself into an image and call yourself a glamrocker. Shock Nagasaki plays straight up 77 punkrock and that's that.

Don't expect anything original. Expect a mix of US Bombs, The Business and Ramones.

Is this a record you should buy? Yes! Why?

Well, the songs are damn good, the image is cool, the total package screams 'purchase!'

And …Davidpoison wants you to support Rebellion records releasing this kinda punkrock!

Everything sounds tight, the vocals could've been better though, more in your face (lose the effects, those made me think of some old The Business records).

In  '1968', 'Palisades and renegades', 'classified information' and 'Curse of the lady be' you can totally hear that old-school '77 sound . Best song (without any doubt!!!!) is their theme-motto 'Shock Nagasaki', a simple three-chord attack a la The Ramones. If all the songs sounded like that one, this album would've had the perfect score. Cool release! Up with that shit Rebellion records!


Score: 88/100

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