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The Caravans - No mercy

29-03-06 00:00:00 / door davidpoison / band: The Caravans / album: The Caravans - No mercy

The Caravans - No mercy

The Caravans, nevermind their bandname, is a four-piece with a long history. They have been around for ages and released 11 albums (!).

Drunkabilly signed the band and gave The Caravans the chance to make a comeback album with a production that fits today’s high standards.

The artwork and cd package are very original and fits their image like a glove.

The music: well, it’s difficult to describe, I’ll give ‘em that!

First thing I was thinking of was: Hey, this is Micky Fitz singing in a rockabilly band! Ok, the first thing that bugs me is the old-school British accent of singer Mark or maybe that’s just me, I’m not too crazy about it …

First two songs, ‘Psychobilly pop star’ and ‘Then U die’ are pretty good and got me shaking around a bit, but after that the album kinda loses it’s energy and gets pretty boring… I’m not a big fan of the drums on this record either. The bass drum is way toooooo loud and the snare drum sounds like one of my mums kitchen pans! Really gets annoying and made me think of a techno dunka dunka beat for some strange reason…listen to ‘Freedom’ and you’ll understand.

There’s some nice songs like ‘Django’ or ‘X-it-19’ on this disc but overall I’m not a big fan of this weird mix of rockabilly/oi/ska and psychobilly. I wish these guys the best of luck in their come back but I’m not convinced. Not at all.

Score: 62/100

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