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The Fallout - What is past is prologue

06-04-06 00:05:04 / door davidpoison / band: The Fallout / album: The Fallout - What is past is prologue (2005)

The Fallout - What is past is prologue

Ok, there's something about honest, simple punkrock that makes we wanna go kick some anarchy butt!

The Fallout from Toronto, Ontario, Canada specializes in making a decent mix of all kinds of punkrock. Think old Stiff little fingers, The Jam, some fast forward punk, some melodic lines, a bit of everything…

So far, so good, right? There's even a decent production! The one thing that bugs me is Lord Byron's voice. If The Fallout had a great vocalist they would attract a lot of people. The lyrics are good, the songs aren't bad either, it's all there, but it's the singer that makes or breaks the band. In this case, The Fallout gets stuck in that giant mass of mediocre punkbands. Don't get me wrong, 'War without end', 'Trail of tears' and 'The rules' are damn good punk songs, but I get the feeling they could've done better by just sticking to one kind of punkrock. Sometimes diversity gets too much and I'd rather hear them burst out those mid-tempo tunes I mentioned above instead of the sloppy fast ones like 'Raise the minimum wage' or 'No association'.

Pick it up if you like to support underground punk music and if you're into the old UK stuff, just don't expect the world of it.

Score: 74/100

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