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Demented Are Go! - Hellbilly storm

11-03-06 23:57:15 / door davidpoison / band: Demented Are Go! / album: Demented Are Go! - Hellbilly storm (2005)

Demented Are Go! - Hellbilly storm

The perfect music to a cult horror flick, that about wraps it up if you ask me!

DAG are one of those bands that can immediately get you in that ghouly mood.

The band has countless of loyals fans among psycho's, punks, skins and even metalheads.

They have been touring for over 25 years and are considered to be one of the leading bands in the world in this genre. ‘Hellbilly storm’ is their first album for People like you records and sounds kick-ass!

All the clichés are summed up on this record and Spark's voice sounds demon-a-like as usual (kinda reminds me of Pete Steele on the first Carnivore album for some reason…)

First song 'Pedigree scum' immediately gets you by the balls, great song, great atmosphere--- evil!

Other highlights on this disc are 'Destruction boy ', ‘Hotrod vampires' and the incredible

'Someone’s out to get me’. 

DAG has a strange sense of humour in songs like 'Skating in the rain' and 'Jogging machine' which I totally dig!

There’s the love for drugs and other Bad boy stuff in ‘Block up’. No fairytales there…

Just like their peers in Mad Sin, DAG are being very smart. Meaning they are adding a punkvibe and other rock ‘n roll genres which is definitely bringing the band to a new level and by doing so they are reaching a lot of different people in the underground.

This Welsh machine is unstoppable and ‘Hellbilly storm’ is just their way to show the ‘new kids on the block’ who started this thing and who’s gonna end it. As long as there’s need for the demented…they are going on!

Score: 82/100

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