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The Dead Boys - Live at CBGB's 1977

13-03-06 23:47:44 / door davidpoison / band: The Dead Boys / album: The Dead Boys - Live at CBGB's 1977 (2004)

The Dead Boys - Live at CBGB's 1977

Ok, forget all about the Anti-flag’s of this world and go check out the real fuckin’ deal: Stiv Bators, Cheetah Chrome, Johnny Blitz, Jimmy Zero and Jeff Magnum: Dead Boys!!

This DVD captures the band on it’s peak, back when their cult-album ‘Young, loud and snotty’ was just released. This CBGB’s show was filmed back in 1977, I was kinda afraid of the result…meaning crappy images. None of that, this DVD is short, to the point and shows you what this band was all about: Stiv’s crazy moves on stage, the bad-ass attitude, the whole ‘fuck you’ attitude…just the best live-act in 1977.

All the hits are included on the setlist: ‘Sonic Reducer’, ‘All this and more’, ‘I need lunch’, ‘Ain’t nothin’ to do’, ‘What love is’ and the Stooges cover ‘Search & destroy’ among others.

There’s cool interviews with the entire band, one with Cheetah Chrome (lead guitar) just some time ago, boy, wouldn’t recognize him in a million years…with their manager ‘Hilly Kristal‘ and the director’s opinion.

There’s a promo clip for the band’s live shows and a bonus video of the ‘Steel tips’. Outrageous!
I really enjoyed this piece of history and it just makes wanna get back in that rehearsal room, pick up that guitar and play the first chords of ‘What love is’…

Go check out your roots boyo and either buy ‘young, loud and snotty’ or this DVD! One of my all-time favourite bands, this is what punkrock’s all about! Dead Boys…

Score: 92/100

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