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Boozed - Tight Pants

19-03-06 23:36:07 / door davidpoison / band: Boozed / album: Boozed - Tight Pants (2005)

Boozed - Tight Pants

Ok, First reaction when I heard their bandname…oh god no, don’t let it be another German speedrock band with a kindergarten degree in English… so I wasn’t expecting much when this one came in..

Saw the cool digi-pack and ditto artwork and began to wonder…hmm maybe?

Took a look at the band pic on the back and the thought crossed my mind this definitely wasn’t gonna be about the fine art of drinking German ale. Nope, the youngsters on that very picture are responsible for giving me a boost I never thought I’d feel again…

First song and titletrack ‘Tight pants’ rocks like hell…second song ‘Move up’ is a 2 minute and a half, kick-ass motherfucker of a scream-a-long. And on we go…

‘Laserlight’, best song on this album. Beautiful chorus and a major thumbs up for the backing vox by Kristin Beltz! A fuckin’ mazing!

Although this is the band’s second full-length, Boozed couldn’t have released this album on a better moment, rock ‘n roll needs a big push and I’m truly happy these kids (average age around 20!) are delivering the goods big style!

Yes, I had certain flashbacks to bands like Gluecifer, AC/DC and The Stones whilst hearing this precious. Even some Backyard Babies influences..

I’ve been cruising the old car on this album for some days now and I’m getting middlefingers and curses everywhere around town whilst I’m screaming by on songs like ‘Wild Boys’, ‘Sad Girls’, ‘Fire and Gasoline’ and ‘Rattlesnake Threat’.

I just realized it’s been ages since I’ve been doing that and it feels great, gets some frustration out and it’s very very rock ‘n roll, ya know!

To sum it all up: Markus: one hell of a vocalist (luv them awesome screams!), great musicianship, the use of that mighty Hammond organ sound, fat production, beautiful artwork… 

Kick-ass release, best album I heard in 2006 so far. Like the bio says, this is the next big thing. Your humble brother DavidPoison easily agrees, I’m jealous (big time!) 



Score: 91/100

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