Solid FX break-up

02-03-06 00:00:00 / door fokit / band: Solid FX

Solid FX break-up
Solid FX is retiring for a few months to settle things down and come what may. We’re working with new people for some extreme changes in a positive way we hope. We want to reach for a bigger amount of people and get out of the underground scene. The style will be TOTALLY different, because we think we found the right people to make better music. This means a new band. We cant say, or better, dont even know yet who will include the new line up. But, some of the old members may not include this new line up For now its important that we take this break and save the band for an actual break up. In this break we’ll have some rest, put some afford into school, work and girlfriends.. But also, MAKE MUSIC, because thats the thing we love the most. We are starting jamming with the ‘new kids’ very soon from now. It has been a great year. With a whole lot of shit to remember in moments of stupidity, Mayhem, destruction, drunkness, shame, power, acid, sleeping on trainstations And what not. A true Rock n Roll Experience. We want to thank everyone who supported us in any way. We will be back in a couple of months. Check for updates. Bye Solid FX
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