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Gepost door: feminazgul gepost: 07-04-2015 21:39:04
This is pretty far in advance, but I'm coming to Utrecht as an exchange student in september 2015 (until january) and I would love to share a flat with some cool people!

I'm 25, from Sweden. Vegan, feminist, anti racist. Likes to go out and drink beer, go to concerts and cafés; but also stay at home and cook and eat with friends, watch movies, do crochet, talk about how to smash the patriarchy and capitalism.. you know.

I'm pretty social and easygoing, but I do like to have my own space and be by myself sometimes.

Do you know someone (or several) who could be interested in sharing a flat with me, or rent out a room/bed - please mail me!


Gepost door: tom gepost: 16-04-2015 16:25:42
ACU is Utrecht is a former squat / concert place / political centre / vegan cafe (the Kafé 44 in Utrecht). They also have a feminist collective over there. You might want to send them a mail if anyone has a place? http://www.acu.nl is their website. Good luck!

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