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Forum - Crap - Amsterdam, august 11th & 12th

Amsterdam, august 11th & 12th
Gepost door: timahelm gepost: 29-07-2012 22:37:08
Hey guys!

My name is Tim. I'm the host of weekly punk rock show We All Fall Down on 101.9 fm in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I'm coming to Amsterdam for couple of days in August. (11th and 12th) Could you please recommend good local shows and punk record stores.

I love Dutch punk rock. Here are some I really love: Accelerators, Travoltas, The Apers, The Windowsill, The Real Danger, Grey Days, Bambix, Discipline, Evil Conduct, Antidote, Antillectual and Tim Vantol (solo), Circle J, Tinez Roots Club

Thank you!

Gepost door: andy gepost: 30-07-2012 07:00:42
Gepost door: jelleonparole gepost: 30-07-2012 14:24:21
Gepost door: zelda gepost: 31-07-2012 17:51:29
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Gepost door: puyol gepost: 01-08-2012 01:46:57
There is a punk show in Heemskerk on the 11th... Cafe Lokaal.
Gepost door: timahelm gepost: 03-08-2012 18:31:14
Thank you so much guys for all your replies!
How far away is Heemskerk from city center/downtown?
Gepost door: puyol gepost: 04-08-2012 16:15:46
about an hour, by train haha

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